Frequently Asked

No, there isn't any transport from karachi.

Please review People of Determination Accessibility Guide on the Rides page on the website.

You will find your favorite characters at the park; there will be chances to meet and greet some of them, find them on our rides and also in our unique live shows.

There are 25 rides and attractions and Arcade games, for details on any height restrictions, please look at the rides page. Bahria Adventure Land is a family park and as such, there will be plenty for all the family to do. For more details, please visit the Rides page on our website.

We have 6 different eatery options names given below.
1. McDonalds
2. KFC
3. A-one Food
4. Foodies
5. Scope n Smile
6. Quetta Chai

No, We haven't shopping outlets at the Park, but we will start this soon.

No. Bahria Adventure Land is the Pakistan's first International standard and largest theme park, making it an ideal family destination no matter the season or the weather.

Frequently Asked

No, Bahria Adventure Land is not offering Annual passes or family tickets, But We will start these facilities soon.

Tickets are valid only on the specified date. Tickets are used by dates.

At the Park, please proceed to the ticket counter and go directly to the turnstiles and scan your ticket.

Refunds are not possible for Ticket purchases.

Parking is free and nearby to the entrance of the Park.

There are safety and usability restrictions on the rides, which are based on height, in line with standard practice in theme parks internationally. Children, the height of below (2'6") 2 feet and 6 inches are free, height between 2'6" and 4'3" are considered as children, and above 4'3" used to considered as Adult, irrespective of age.

Please contact our Guest Services team on 021-37188000/ Ext:2051 who will work out what happened and how to fix it.

Our park has a re-entry policy but on the same day. Our Exit gate staff stamp on the backside of tickets, so that, customer can show that stamped ticket on the entrance and re-enter in the park on the same day in operational hours.

Frequently Asked

Yes, we would love to you to celebrate your birthday with us! Please visit our Birthday Parties page for more infomation .

No. We will start group packages soon.

Adventure Land will provide a wide range of services for guests, from a fully equipped mother's lounge and prayer rooms to stroller and wheelchair rentals and lockers. More information and details can be obtained from the guest services counters in the park.

Adventure Land is a smoke-free facility, in accordance with PAK laws. However, there are designated areas in the park for smokers: There is designated smoking areas in all zones.

No, there isn't any dress code at Adventure Land but as a courtesy to other guests in the park and in accordance with local laws and customs, we ask all guests to please wear respectful clothing when in the park.

There is a Lost and Found counter in the park, open during park operating hours, located next to the turnstiles near the entrance. If you have already left the park when you realize you have forgotten something, you can Contact us here 02137188000 Ext: 2051

Please contact us at 021-37188000 Ext : 2051, if you are in the park, contact any of our Guest Services desks.

Yes. The Fast track pass give access to a dedicated queue for which lets you skip straight to the front of the queue. Please visit the ticket counter or call on 021-3718000 for more information.

To make a group booking, call us on 021-3718000 Ext: 2050 or email us at We’ll respond within 24 hours, except on weekends.

Frequently Asked

Any time of year is a good time. The Park is open to visitors every weekend, year round, and the park is outdoor, therefore it is better to visit our park in evening.

Absolutely! There is a Playdium (Indoor Attractions) full of arcade games and kids playing area.

You can enjoy Arcade games in Playdium and enjoy the food at our eatry outlets. Apart from Bahria adventure Land, there are other entertainment entities like Danzoo, Eiffel Tower and Dancing Fountain Show on Sunday only.