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Welcome to Bahria Adventure land

Pakistan 1st International Standard Theme Park in BahriaTown Karachi, featuring countless attractions of the highest standards.
Visit our BahriaAdventure Land and see the hidden chambers you have never seen before. The first of its kind to feature recreational facilities for different
age groups.
Adventure land is all about Thrill, Entertainment, unlimited fun and forever lasting treasure of memories with effective safety measures.
Take a look below at the fun you can look forward to at BahriaAdventure Land.

Adventure Land Zone

Why leave young thrill seekers behind when Adventure land is offering a number of safe and fun rides. For a panoramic view, the amazing ferris wheel ride ‘Bahria Town Eye’ is so much fun for both kids and their elders. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a ride in life-size tea cups at the Bon Voyage? An essential for the kids is the colorful Merry-Go-Round. Also ready to take off are the Bumble Bees who take the little ones for a flying expedition.

Dinoland Zone

Dino Land is the first purpose-built dinosaur attraction located in the Bahria Town Adventure Land where you can take a trip back to 120 million years ago to when dinosaurs lived. Here toddlers will be able to meet life sized versions of the dinosaurs.

Indus Valley Zone

Indus Valley offers an adrenaline-pumping, fun-filled day for the entire family. Here at Surfer’s Spot you will find a perfect spot to relax especially if you are not a thrill seeker. Experience the most amazing virtual splash factory at Adventure Bay. Ever thought of experiencing a grown up fight that could be both fun and exhilarating? Well then find your way to Pirates of Adventure where you can either take charge of the water cannons or become pirates and engage in the most interesting water fight.

Animal Kingdom Zone

Animal Kingdom zone is filled with attractions, adventures and entertainment that reflect Bahria Adventure Land dedication to nature and conservation. Animal Kingdom is Bahria Adventure Land’s most interesting zone with the best animal rides.

Kohkaaf Zone

The magical land of Kohkaaf will take you on an unforgettable journey. Rising 42 meters towards the skies and then plummeting back to the ground is only possible with the great Power Drop. The inclines and declines of Rail Blazer is nothing short of a ride on a flying carpet. Aladdin is also waiting for you to give you a spin of your life 40 meters up in the air.


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Krispy 2 go

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Pizza hut

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Burger King

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